Dog Friendly Cabin in Grand Marais, Minnesota

Why Grand Marais, Minnesota during winter makes for a unique & fun adventure with your dog!

Hey everyone!

I can’t think of a better way to kick off our blog than with a trip up to Grand Marais, Minnesota. Grand Marais is located 40 minutes south of the Canadian Border along Lake Superior. It is beautiful all year round with tons to do with your adventure pup.

Grand Marais and the local area has so much to offer- even during the winter. From animal viewing, spectacular drives, a quaint downtown, or spending a weekend cozied up recharging. This is the place to go.

Please note that we are not receiving anything for sharing this. We love traveling & wish that there was some sort of catalog for dog friendly cabins in the Midwest… So we decided to make one for you all!

Dog Friendly Cabin

We stayed at this gorgeous log cabin next to the Gunflint Trail. Please note how epically high the snow banks were & how far down the icicles hung. 😱 The Gunflint Trail is a National Scenic Byway that winds through Superior National Forest and has stunning views & packs full of anticipation in animal spotting.

This cabin has a luxurious bathroom (with heated floors! *drool*), a cute little fireplace, well equipped kitchen, & several beds.

Just a heads up, the bedroom is in the loft. The stairs are steep & slippery. It may be a challenge for your pup to climb them.

At the time of our stay, our Airbnb provided us with 1 (small) dish for our pup that was perfect for water.

You can find the link to our Airbnb here.

What to do:

-Hike/snowshoe along the trails nearby- note: many trailheads were inaccessible due to snow. We hiked along the Moose Viewing Trail & in the Grand Portage State Park.

-Walk around Downtown Grand Marais

-Stop for coffee at Java Moose in Grand Marais

-If you’re there over the weekend, stop at World’s Best Donuts for…. well, the world’s best donuts. 😂

-If you’re like me and love checking out Co-Ops while you travel, they have a sweet, well stocked co-op in Grand Marais. See it here.

-Cuddle up next to the fireplace & enjoy each other’s company while watching Netflix.

-Drive along the Gunflint Trail (you can see Moose licking salt off of the road during winter time). While a car with 4 wheel drive isn’t necessary (we didn’t have it), it would be nice.

-Head up to the Canadian Border (this is where we saw a wolf along on the road!) Here you can visit Grand Portage State Park & stop at beautiful lookouts along Lake Superior.

-Not dog friendly, but you can go on a sled dog ride or rent snowmobiles.

-If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll spot the elusive Northern Lights.

Things to Note:

It was super cold & windy. Bring your layers for you & your pup!

Overall dog friendly rating


It would have been 5 stars if it weren’t for the slippery stairs!

Thanks so much for checking out our first official blog post & dog friendly cabin in Minnesota!!

We look forward to sharing more with you moving forward.

Have you been to Grand Marais? Comment below & let us know if there is anything that we forgot!

-Jenna & Rudy

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