Adventure dog tips Midwest Minnesota travel with Vizsla

Hey, we’re Jenna & Rudy!  We’ve been romping around Minnesota & beyond for the last two years together. Our adventures, have inspired us to rent cabins together & RV at state parks across the Midwest & beyond.

Before Rudy, our beloved Hungarian Vizsla, came into our lives, my husband and I traveled across the globe with one another. We traveled to Bali, down to New Zealand, to Tanzania and back.

Coming home from Malta on Christmas Eve Eve 2018, my husband had an accident that landed him in the ICU in Chicago. Following his accident, we started to crave more time home & domestic travel over abroad travel.

After 6 years of waiting to bring a pup home, we brought home the perfect Golden Rust puppy. We once thought our travel days would be over after getting a dog, but we were wrong. Now we have our adorable 49 lb red dog in tow.

This adventure dog blog is where I share my love of exploring with my pup & teach you how to travel with your dog too! Thanks for checking out this Adventures With a Vizsla Dog Blog.

Join us as we share our adventures & teach you how to travel with a pup!

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